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Angry Ouija Board
Posted on: 4/23/2007  /  Viewed: 341 times  Print Page
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Tagged:  ouija 

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At a slumber party many years ago, we pulled out a Ouija Board to ask questions. Most teenager girl questions have to do with boys! The girls began falling asleep one at a time. Before long there were only two of us left awake. My self and Melissa. She continued asking about her new boyfriend and how much a 15 year old boy could love a 14 year old girl. She was asking the same questions over and over again just stating them a little different each time. The planchet moving quickly, sometimes giving her the answers she wanted and sometimes not. Suddenly the planchet stopped. Melissa accused me of stopping it. I didn't. I did however wonder how the planchet had been moving so quickly all evening long even though I kept my fingers a whisper above the planchet. I just figured she was in complete control. She insisted we try again. The Ouija board said No, No and again No. Melissa asked me angrily why I didn't want to play anymore? Was I sleepy? No, I answered. Let's try again. This time the Ouija board anwsered, "Not with you." We asked, "not with who?" The board spelled, "Melissa". Nervous and beginning to get scared, we asked "Why not with Melissa?" The planchet began flying under our fingers. Most of the time, my fingers were completely off the planchet. It began spelling many vulgar words, all directed at her. The planchet was flying and spewing obscenities directed only at Melissa. It abruptly stopped. We each swore to each other that we didn't do it. At 3:00 in the morning Melissa opened the front and tossed the Ouija board freesbie style out into the street. She smashed the planchet and also threw it out the door.

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