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Stories / Ouija Board

Posted on: 4/24/2007  /  Viewed: 179 times  Print Page
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In the small town I grew up in, if you weren't into going to our one movie theater, you would find ways to entertain yourselves at home. The family of a friend of mine did just that. When her family members got together once a month, the Ouija Board was the first item pulled out after everyone was satisfied with the barbque. Her mother pulled out the board and planchet while two chairs and tray table where pulled together so that two people could play at one time while the others watched. Asking mostly silly questions and laughing at the answers, they started taking turns. When it was her mother's turn, the Ouija board said "NO, NOT WITH HER." Nervously laughing they asked the Ouija board, "Why not her?" The board answered, "Because she separated us." Her mother screamed, "get it out of here, get it out now!" She had become so hysterical so quickly, they did get it out of the house immediately to calm her down. After knowing for sure the board was gone she explained what the board meant. The previous month she had separated the planchet and the board, the board had gone into the closet and the planchet had been stored in a drawer in another room.

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