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Harbinger of Death
Posted on: 5/8/2007  /  Viewed: 167 times  Print Page
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Tagged:  death 

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I've never really been superstitious. I don't throw salt over my shoulder if I spill any. However, I do occasionally knock-on-wood to keep bad luck away. And...I have chased black moths away from my home. I can't remember when I first heard that a black moth resting on an outer wall of your home signifies an approaching death in the family. I decided a long time ago I wouldn't take any chances, so I, with broom in hand, careful not to hurt them, chase them away. About two years ago, I stepped out onto my porch and found an exceptionally large black moth resting by my front door. I went back in to retreive a broom and left the door ajar. Turning back with the broom I found the moth had followed me inside. This was the first time this had ever happened. I chased that moth through several rooms of my house before I was able to finally get it to go back outside. I have high ceilings but it managed to stay out of reach. It insisted on staying on the porch no matter how hard and how long I tried to chase it away. It would go land on the oak trees momentarily but it would come back to the porch immediately. After twenty minutes or so of swinging the broom I was out of breath, so I decided I must stopped because I probably looked ridiculous. I left it perched on a corner of the porch out of reach. But then came the surprise of a lifetime. Within a month, my father died suddenly and a week later my father-in-law also passed away. I'm still not really superstitious but I will not stop chasing the next black moth until I chase it away.

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