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Posted on: 12/7/2007  /  Viewed: 367 times  Print Page
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Tagged:  halloween 

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As cheesy as it sounds, a few of my friends decided that on Halloween night, we'd use the ouji board. At first I was worried that it would get boring and awkward because I had doubts that it would work at all. We started talking to a man in his 70's that said he'd died in a fire. He said that I knew his family. We took a break and told eachother different ghost stories. After we were through we decided to go ahead and try the ouiji board again. This is how it went down: Us: Does anyone want to talk to us? Board: Yes. Us: Were you listening to our ghost stories? Board: Yes. Us: Were they scary? Board: No. We all laughed then. Us: Were they stupid? Board: No. Us: Are you a girl? Board: No. Us: Are you a boy? Board: No. Us: Are you a demon? Board: Maybe. Us: Are you messing with us? Board: Maybe. Us: What do you want? Board: Fun. At that point, it seemed to feel like a horror movie, so we said goodbye and flipped the board over.

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